COVID-19: How sports lovers can make money without sports betting

March 31, 2020

Sports events and the sports industry around the world have ground to a halt in recent weeks. The outbreak and spread of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) have virtually stopped all sports and indeed football activities in most continents of the world.

But is there any other source of entertainment and relaxation for the average sports lover out there? What is the way forward for the punter who depends on the European league not just to watch football, but also to make money by staking on his favourite team or sports? 

A secret goldmine that many punters are not even aware of is virtuals.  You can win and win real Big on Virtuals.

  • Experts have said that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, online platforms like virtuals with no human-to-human interaction is the safest and best bet.
  • You can have the same feel as sports betting.
  • You can have the same opportunity to stake any amount you want. You can also select your favorite teams as you would do in sports betting.
  • The matches are played and settled in 3 minutes. 

As more people opt to stay home or are left with few choices for going out, online betting companies are making the option better. Take for instance Nigeria’s premium gaming company NaijaBet. 

NaijaBet Virtuals includes games like:

  • Virtual Soccer
  • Horse Race
  • Dog Race
  • Car Race
  • Table Tennis.

All the above are super easy to play and the result mostly favors the punters. A lot of people have actually won, and that is why NaijaBet Virtuals is growing every day. 

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