Madrid, Barca and Man City fight for Coman

May 12, 2020
RM, Barca and Man City are interested in Coman. AFP


Coman forms together with Gnabry one of the best pairs of wingers in Europe. They took over from Robben and Ribery, but Gnabry and Coman may not be together after the summer.

‘Sky Germany’ reports that three teams who want to win the Champions League are interested in the French footballer: Man City, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The team in the best position to get him are the club managed by Guardiola. Coman could be part of the deal which see Leroy Sane heading for Bayern Munich from Man City.

But Real Madrid and Barcelona are also in the hunt. The cited media outlet states both Spanish giants want to have a player who has already shown he is very experienced despite being young.

Barcelona, as a result of the difficulty of signing a winger like Neymar, could opt for the Frenchman. He could be bought for 60 million euros, significantly cheaper than Neymar.

This summer could lead to a battle for a player who will join one of the best clubs on the continent.