“Football without tackling? That’s not football”

May 18, 2020
Diego Carlos was one of the revelations in La Liga when play was stopped. EFE

Diego Carlos gave his opinion to ‘ABC’ on the new rules that could come into football after the coronavirus pandemic. He said football without tackling was not possible.

Players from across the planet are continuing to debate the potential new rules which could come into football after the coronavirus pandemic. 

In England, there was even talk of football without ‘tackling‘, something which ‘ABC’ asked the Sevilla Diego Carlos. 

“These types of measures are impossible to apply in football. They are natural actions in football. Football is a contact sport. If we put these types of rules in, it’s not football,” he explained.

Diego Carlos admitted that the situation is complex and said he understood all parties were involved in football’s resumption. 

“It’s a very difficult situation. It will depend on the health authorities who have to control this and guarantee maximum security. We footballers are prepared to carry on with our work,” he continued, before expressing his fear: “We all have to be responsible. My biggest fear is when I have to go home and see my family. I don’t want take the virus home with me.”

Source: www.besoccer.com