Barça fire the man who brought Neymar

May 29, 2020

Barcelona confirmed a deep restructuring in their scouting department in the football area. According to ‘TV3’, this will mean, apart from massive layoffs, the departure of André Cury, the key person in Neymar’s transfer years ago and the one who was entrusted last summer to resign him .

Barça made a decision that could have a larger impact. Within the dismissal of the scout André Cury could hide the resignation of giving up Neymar. The Brazilian was one of the key figures in the PSG player’s return. 

When the Brazilian forward signed for Barcelona in 2013, Cury was a vital figure for the operation to come to fruition. In fact, years later, the same man was instructed by Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu to bring Neymar back.

In the end, the negotiations with PSG did not succeed, but because of the lack of agreement with the French, not because of problems with the player. 

So this decision to dispense with Cury could be the consequence of having thrown in the towel for Neymar, since the negotiations are moving in prohibitive numbers given the current economic crisis due to the pandemic. 

“The Board of Directors has approved the restructuring of the scouting department in the football area, which is the result of the analysis started in January, with the aim of improving its efficiency. With this measure, the club tries to reinforce a strategic department for the planning and the good operation of the most important sport area of the organization, in all its levels, from the categories of formation to the first team”, said the Barcelona press release. But ‘TV3’ went further. 

The Catalan media speaks of sifting since they would go out between 20 and 25 of the 40 workers that the club has in this department. 

Despite his success with Neymar, Arthur and Paulinho, Cury has been the culprit of failed business in the past, since he recommended the transfers of Henrique and Keirrison, which cost 22 million, but never even wore the Barcelona jersey.