Messi would earn 750 million euros at City

August 31, 2020

A lot has been spoken about Messi’s possible exit from Barcelona to Manchester City, but how would his contract be? ‘Sport’ reveals it. The Argentine would become the flagship of not just the English side, but the whole franchise. He would even go to the MLS.

The idea is that Leo plays under the orders of Pep Guardiola in the Premier League for three seasons. Once this spell has ended, he would travel to the USA to join New York City, where he would spend the last two seasons of his career- if he decided to retire then.

He would earn 750 million euros in these 5 years. They would be distributed in the following way: 500 would be divided into 100 every year. his wage-; he would earn the final 250 as a bonus for ‘signing’ with the North American side when he changes country.

What is the reason for this striking scheme? Because it’s the only way Manchester City could avoid problems with the Financial Fair Play. Since the amounts are spread out over several years, the chances of the authorities refusing such an expense would be reduced.