Koeman wanted Lukaku for Barcelona

September 17, 2020
Lukaku was a key target for Koeman's Barca. AFP

Ronald Koeman was going to need a center-forward if he finally managed to get rid of Suárez. A wide range of possibilities were available to him, among them, none other than Romelu Lukaku.

When Koeman decided to get rid of Suárez for his debut in charge of Barcelona, Koeman was faced with the need to sign a new centre-forward. The position is still open, however, some of the candidates, like Lukaku, are now out of his reach.

As ‘Esport3’ tells it, the Belgian striker was one of Koeman’s first choices to take Suárez’s spot. 

However, when the Catalan team approached the possibility of buying Lukaku, the possibility of signing him was almost immediately ruled out. Barca have other key targets, such as his teammate Lautaro, and they don’t have the funds to commit to another similar expense. 

Because Lukaku, at 27 years old, has found in Inter Milan his place in the world. His 34 goals in 51 matches have skyrocketed his market value to almost 150 million euros, a figure that, if Inter don’t want to sell him, shows just how much the Milan side would probably charge for him.   

Source: www.besoccer.com