No Merseyside derby wins in 10 years – but Everton have no fear for vulnerable Liverpool

October 15, 2020

The Toffees are brimming with belief having made a perfect start to the season, while their city rivals are coming off a chastening 7-2 defeat.

Saturday’s Merseyside Derby takes place 10 years to the day since Everton last recorded a victory over Liverpool.

To beat them on the anniversary, at this moment, with this team, would be a fitting way to end a difficult decade for the Toffees and announce the beginning of a new era if not as equals, then at least as worthy challengers to the Reds’ recent supremacy.

Perhaps that is too much of a stretch. Perhaps the symbolism of winning three points this weekend isn’t quite so loaded with what the next 10 years will bring to Goodison Park.

The Italian has always been a big-picture manager, a coach with a keen eye for the right formation and wider structure of his team’s play, but lacking in the finer details.

Throughout a career that has taken in spells at AC Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid, among others, he has exhibited a laissez-faire attitude towards the minute tactical tweaks often required to win league titles, but Ancelotti has an undoubted flair for getting the pieces to click for cup competitions.

And that is most likely what we will see at Everton if the first four league games of the campaign are anything to go by.