Sadio Mane: Senegal criticised after striker plays on despite suspected concussion

January 26, 2022
Vozinha and Sadio Mane both needed treatment after their clash of heads in the second half

Mane remained on the pitch for several minutes despite appearing to sustain a head injury in the incident during Tuesday’s Africa Cup of Nations match

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The Liverpool striker scored before eventually being substituted.

Brain injury association Headway said Mane’s health had been put at risk.

“On the face of it, this seems to be yet another example of football putting results ahead of player safety,” said Luke Griggs, deputy chief executive of Headway.

“This was a sickening collision that clearly left both players in enough distress for a concussion to have surely been considered a possibility at the very least. At that point, the principle of ‘if in doubt, sit it out!’ should have resulted in Mane being substituted without another ball being kicked.”

Vozinha was sent off for the challenge with Mane and had to be helped off the pitch while visibly unsteady on his feet.

Mane, however, remained on the pitch, despite seeming to lose consciousness in the incident. Six minutes later, he scored an excellent goal for Senegal, before laying down on the halfway line.

It was only then that he was substituted.

“The image of the player collapsing on the ground and having to be helped from the pitch after scoring his goal should tell you everything you need to know about the impact and the effect it had had on his brain,” added Griggs.