Judge rules against La Liga: matches only on Saturdays and Sundays

May 27, 2020
La Liga will have to negotiate the match calendar with the RFEF. EFE

Andres Sanchez Magro, the judge in a Madrid court, has ruled against La Liga. The league claimed it was up to them whether they played on Monday nights or not. However, Sanchez Magro has told La Liga to negotiate with the Spanish FA (RFEF). Matches will only be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays for now.

Andres Sanchez Magro, the judge from a Madrid court, was the man who had to decide whether matches could be played on Fridays and Mondays, as La Liga wanted, or whether they should be banned unless their was added financial compensation, as the Spanish FA wanted (RFEF).

Finally, Sanchez Magro has completely rejected La Liga’s lawsuit and has told them to negotiate “in good faith” the match calendar. Therefore, unless both parties agree, matches will only be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

‘Marca’ publishes what the judge decided: “Sanchez Magro reminds during the verdict that La Liga are a private association who are part of the RFEF’s stucture. They are allowed to organise their own competitions, but with a necessary co-ordination from the RFEF.”

It remains to be seen whether any agreements are reached to play on Fridays and Mondays, but there will be certainly more to come on the matter.

Source: www.besoccer.com