Premier League to use VAR in same way as rest of the world

August 7, 2020

Premier League clubs voted to use the full FIFA VAR protocol for the 2020/21 season on Thursday night.

All 20 members backed changes to the video assistant referee as the system is to fall in line with FIFA protocol.

“At the Premier League’s annual general meeting today, shareholders agreed to rules relating to VAR and substitute players for the 2020/21 season,” the statement said. “Shareholders unanimously approved the implementation of VAR, in line with the full FIFA VAR protocol. Clubs also agreed to revert back to using up to three substitute players per match, with a maximum of seven substitutes on the bench.”

The VAR changes come as FIFA aims to have a unified approach to its implementation. There was controversy in several Premier League games during the season, with the new protocols agreed upon unanimously.

The changes will see referees use the pitch-side review area on all subjective decisions, with the Premier League now also using VAR to spot goalkeeper encroachment on penalties, while assistant referees have been told to keep their flag down for marginal offside calls until the attacking move has played out.