PL’s Project Restart could be delayed

May 14, 2020

The Premier League could start later than expected. The aim was to start on 12th June, but the coaches want more time to prepare and the players fear they are being rushed back into action. ‘The Guardian’ says that the start of the season could be delayed by a week.

Project Restart could hit a stumbling block. Footballers are still afraid and the restart could be delayed.

That could make the Premier League start later than expected. ‘The Guardian’ reports the league could be put back a week.

The Premier League was aiming to start on 12th June. But the footballers are afraid and managers want more time to train with their players so a 19th June resumption looks more likely.

The league have warned their clubs that if they do not start soon, the season may not be able to be completed. Footballers are due to return to training on Monday, although that looks like it will be slightly delayed.